Like most of us, we didn’t have the opportunity to learn financial literacy in high school. As most of us go off to college to rack up student loans and credit card debt we never was taught about credit or financial literacy. You don’t realize how imperative credit is until you need it for an apartment, cellphone, car insurance or other everyday essentials. 

We began studying about credit, credit scores, and budgeting and within months our scores began to increase and we felt empowered and started fixing our families credit scores. At that point we knew it was a service that we could offer to others. 

Our mission is to educate our community about financial literacy and credit education. We enjoy helping people fix their credit and save tons of money by paying lower interest rates and which in turn puts more money back in the consumer’s pockets. 

We has helped clients remove late payments, student loans, judgments, bankruptcies, and collections in as little as 60 days. You will find that our company is experienced, compassionate, honest, and passionate about helping others. Last but certainly not least we fight vigorously to leverage the consumer laws on your behalf.​

Phyllis Hughes - Owner & CEO
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